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MRO Lubricants

Galvanized Coatings show excellent result in preventing salt water corrosion of metal surfaces. These coating substances can resist acidic environment and are used as cost effective version of hot dip coat. Galvanized Coatings can also be used as primer before applying paint. Offered substances are effective in resisting abrasion, scratch and these also act as protective barrier against electrical cathode for their aluminum based content. These can even resist up to 600 degree temperature.  Available in 500 ml packaging, these coating elements have unique abrasion and impact resistant properties. Application of these substances on metal surface, especially on steel promotes metallurgical reactions. High viscosity level, excellent resistance properties, high purity level, long storage life, exceptional hardness level and good mechanical attributes are the key features of this range of coatings. Quality of these substances has been checked as per their formulation method, storage life and resistance capacity.


  • Provided coatings are ideal to be used as primer prior to applying paint on metal surface.
  • These can endure maximum 600 degree C temperature.
  • Can be applied under saline and acidic conditions
  • High resistance attributes

These Multipurpose Lubricants are recommended for effective maintenance of industrial equipments that are operated under severe working conditions. These not only improve productivity of equipments, but also help to reduce their repairing charge. Offered Multipurpose Lubricants have exceptional mold releasing properties and these can easily reach hard to access areas of machine parts. These are corrosion proof and application of these products does not cause stain on treated surface. Moreover, these prevent peeling of paints. Advanced composition of these lubricating substances helps to loosen duct and carbon particles accumulated on metal surfaces. Accessible in 550ml, 210 ltrs, 26 ltrs and 5 ltrs packaging options, this array of lubricating solutions are appreciated for their high temperature resistance capacity, excellent lubricating attributes and high load bearing performance. Quality of these substances has been verified on the basis of their longevity, storage life, formulation method and resistance capacity.  


  • Offered lubricating solutions can be availed in different packaging options.
  • Useful to reduce machine downtime and to raise output
  • Good penetration capacity, suitable for daily caring of industrial equipments
  • Ability to endure severe working conditions

Offered Silicon Compounds are used to enhance sound insulation properties of water taps under high vacuum condition. These are especially suitable for di-electric application purpose. Advanced formulation of these Silicon Compounds enables these to act against electric shock and these possess minimal dissipation rate. Offered in 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg packaging options, these substances act as suitable release factors for plastic and rubber molds. These have high moisture and chemical resistance properties. Developed under controlled temperature, these are acknowledged for their non toxic content, good adhesive properties and ability to resist cold and hot water. Offered silicon based substances can also act against solvents. Quality of these compounds has been tested on the basis of their storage life, effectiveness, chemical stability, lubrication attributes, temperature endurance range and formulation process. Simple to apply, these cost effective lubricating solutions are easily available in the market.


  • Offered lubricants are appreciated for their unique di-electric attributes.
  • These are solvent protected and are non toxic by nature.
  • Long lasting result, good acoustic attributes
  • Low dissipation factor, stable chemical attributes, long storage life

Offered range of Corrosion Protectors has vital role in avoiding rust formation on metal surfaces by forming non drying oily film. These effectively remove moisture from treated surface. Quality of these Corrosion Protectors has been tested as per 200 hours salt spray test and 720 hours of humidity test. Accessible in 500ml, 26 ltrs, 210 ltrs and 650 ml packaging options, this array of lubricants provide protection against rust for 1year or up to 14 months. Offered in different formulation method based options, this assortment of rust protection solutions have been formulated under controlled environment to keep their original standard intact. Simple to use, these non toxic grade rust inhibiting factors are offered in leakage proof air tight containers and drums. Application of these substances on machine components helps to raise productivity. These also prove to be advantageous for reducing machine downtime and repairing charge as well.


  • Provided rust inhibiting factors have gone through 720 hours humidity test and salt spray test conducted for 200 hours.
  • Accessible in drum and container of different quantities
  • Ability to prevent rust for 12 to 14 months
  • Useful for optimizing machine performance