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Lubricating Oils

Provided array of Gear Oils is acknowledged for its precise formulation and excellent lubricating properties. These are especially suitable to be applied under heavy load and extreme heat prone working conditions. Apart from their oxidation resistance capacity, these highly viscous oils are reckoned for their stable chemical properties irrespective of temperature range. These remain neutral when come in contact with non ferrous and ferrous surfaces. These Gear Oils contain special additives that have extreme pressure and wear prevention capacity. Moreover, these oils have high load carrying ability. Utilization of these lubricants helps to prolong service life of components and ensure about their low maintenance charge.  Quality of these lubrication solutions has been verified on the basis of their production method, content, additive amount, chemical properties and resistant attributes. Customers can obtain these in 26 ltrs and 210 ltrs packaging options.


  • Low friction co efficiency level is one of their main features.
  • Offered oils can resist extreme wear and pressure.
  • Good load carrying performance, high effectiveness
  • Ideal to be used under extreme load and temperature conditions, useful to reduce service charge of machine components

Conveyor Chain Oils are advantageous to use as these prevent accumulation of residues on machine surface. These require minimal dosage for their low evaporation level even under high temperature. Known for their unique adhesion attributes, these are useful to resist spin off and drop off. Recommended to prolong service life of chains of material handling equipments, these Conveyor Chain Oils are offered in 500 ml, 5 ltrs, 26 ltrs and 210 ltrs packaging options. Provided lubricants have been formulated under controlled temperature conditions. High penetration level, precise composition, long storage life, long lasting lubricating effect and competitive price are the main reasons behind their increasing demand in the market. Simple to apply, these are free from toxic content and are safe to handle. Quality of these high temperature proof oils has been tested as per industry specified norms to ensure about their resistant properties and chemical stability.


  • Offered lubricants have precise composition.
  • Good penetration level, available in different packaging options
  • Minimal evaporation rate, non toxic content, standard quality, simple application method, high temperature proof
  • Excellent lubrication attributes, affordable price, low dosage

Solid Lubricant Dispersions are useful for minimizing wear and friction of machine components. Fine graphite used in their formulation is instrumental in avoiding metal to metal contact. Unique adhesive attributes of these Solid Lubricant Dispersions prevents rust formation caused by fretting. Moreover, these can resist stick slip, seizing and galling. As suitable additives, these lubrication solutions are useful to promote better wear resistant and pressure prevention capacity of machine components. Accessible in 5 kg, 30kg and 200 kg  drum options, this array of lubricants help to maintain uniformity of surface finish. Besides reducing working load, these ensure better metal flow. Quality of these substances has been checked on the basis of their chemical properties, resistant performance, packaging standard, load and corrosion prevention capacity, dosage amount and storage life. Due to their non toxic formulation, these lubricants are safe to use.


  • Provided substances contain graphite that has homogeneous particle size.
  • Excellent adhesiveness, useful for avoiding metal to metal contact, affordable price, can resist fretting corrosion
  • Stability of chemical attributes, homogeneous surface finish, galling and seizing resistance capacity
  • Standard packaging, wear and pressure resistant attributes