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Lubricating Greases And Pastes

EP Greases are reckoned for their versatile nature. Accessible in 1kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg packaging options, these are perfect for metal to metal lubrication process. Application of these greases minimizes service and maintenance charge of treated surface. These have excellent sound insulation and cheeping resistance attributes. We recommend to apply these substances under -20 degree C to 160 degree C temperature range. Formulated by using anti wear additives, extreme pressure additives and solid lubricants, offered EP Greases truly cost effective options to minimize repairing cost of treated objects. These act as protective barrier against tear, friction, rust and wear. Provided greases are usually used to treat front axle, wheel bearings, chassis and U joints of automobiles; conveyors, fans and other equipments. Provided cost effective substances are useful for improving performance of components or machinery for optimum productivity.


  • These greases are ideal for heavy duty equipments.
  • Ability to withstand -20 degree C to 160 degree C temperature range
  • Capacity to resist wear, friction, corrosion and tear
  • Formulated under controlled environment, useful for reducing service charge of machines

Accessible in 400 gram, 1kg, 5 kg and 20 kg packaging options, this array of High Temperature Greases can endure -20 degree C to 250 degree C temperature range. Provided lubricating solutions possess praiseworthy wear resistance properties and high load bearing capacity. Application of these oil substances ensures better protection of treated surfaces against oxidation. High Temperature Greases have stable thermal characteristics and these can be applied without leaving any residue. Several versions of these greases are chemically inert by nature. Easy to apply, these are of non toxic quality. Long storage life, stable properties, low dosage level, multipurpose role, standard quality and high purity level are the key characteristics of this range of substances. Formulated by efficient personnel, these products have gone through several quality testing procedures to prove their flawlessness. These are available in durable HDPE air tight containers.


  • Offered substances can be applied under -20degree C to 250 degree C temperature range.
  • These are perfect options to resist oxidation and wear of treated surfaces.
  • Several variants of these greases show inertness when exposed to chemicals.
  • Simple application method

Offered Multifunctional Greases are reckoned for their wide temperature range and excellent acoustic attributes. Accessible in 400 gram, 1kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg packaging quantities, these substances can easily integrate with different grades of rubber surfaces. Application of these Multifunctional Greases ensures better protection against moisture, water penetration and corrosion.  These specially formulated substances possess unique adhesive properties and exhibit exceptional load carrying performance. These also can endure shock and high pressure. One can apply these greases under -20 degree C to 200 degree C temperature range. Application of these lubricants is useful for saving maintenance charge of treated surfaces. Moreover, these provide fast result. High viscosity level, pure content, synthetic form, versatile nature, long storage life, non toxic content and stable chemical attributes are some of the key reasons behind their increasing demand in the market.


  • Provided substances are reckoned for their standard quality and long lasting result.
  • These can endure shock, load and these can be applied under different temperature conditions.
  • Long shelf life and accurate formulation
  • Useful for lowering service charge of treated surface

Specially formulated Chain and Wire Rope Greases are known for their high effectiveness and long lasting result. Application of these lubricants on strand surfaces ensures protection against moisture, rust and emulsifying materials for prolonged period. These are truly useful for minimizing internal friction rate between strands. With having -30 degree C to 140 degree C working temperature range, these show unique water resistant attributes and stable shearing properties. We offer these in 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg packaging options. As part of their operation, these Chain and Wire Rope Greases penetrate inside applied chain and rope surfaces and form durable outer layer to prevent moisture and corrosion formation on treated surface. Advanced formulation of these lubricants prevents leakage from core of wire rope. Unique wear resistance properties, ability to endure saline environment, good load carrying capacity and non toxic content are the key characteristics of this range of products.


  • Provided lubricants can be accessed in 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg packaging options.
  • Precise content, high effectiveness, fast action, good wear resistant attributes
  • Useful to resist penetration of moisture and abrasion
  • These have -30 degree C to 140 degree C working temperature range.

With having -20degree C to 150 degree C working temperature range, these Open Gear Greases are appreciated for their exceptional shock, galling, scuffing, scoring and load enduring capacity. These show good bonding properties when applied under metal surfaces. Accessible in1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg packaging options, this array of Open Gear Greases have unique corrosion resistance properties. These are also useful for resisting corrosion caused by pitting and for preventing squeezing. Special additive based content of these lubricants enables these to withstand optimum pressure. These lubrication solutions have been formulated under controlled environment to maintain their standard quality. Simple to apply, these are non toxic, and are therefore, safe to handle. Offered substances are suggested to apply by spraying or by using brush. Featured with highly viscous content, these lubricants are transparent which in turn simplifies gear inspection process.


  • Offered greases have excellent adhesive properties.
  • These are useful for resisting galling, scuffing, scoring and pitting.
  • Free from toxic lead and heavy metals, additives based content
  • Ability to endure shock load and high pressure, affordable price, simple application method

Antiseize compounds provided by us have been specially formulated to enhance performance of threaded bolts and nuts. These metal accessories often tend to seize when no lubricant is used during their high temperature and pressure conditions. With having -20 degree C to 110 degree C temperature range, this array of Antiseize compounds is appreciated for their pure composition and long storage life. Offered substances can be applied under salt water and moisture prone working conditions. Application of these products helps to safeguard threaded parts against deformation, fretting rust and breakage. Molybdenum disulfide and other non metal based modifiers present in these items exhibit unique wear resistance properties. These are especially useful to prevent seizure during assembling and dissembling of threaded accessories. Customers can obtain these in 500 ml, 1kg and 5 kg packaging options. Low friction co efficiency is one of their main characteristics.


  • These are free from zinc and lead that prove to be harmful in the long run.
  • Excellent seizing and galling resistance attributes
  • Can resist stress, wide operating temperature range
  • Simple application method, available in durable HDPE container